Uniqe Capabilities
Uniqe Capabilities

The ideal combination of advanced machinery and human expertise

ZDF prides itself on manufacturing capacity and customization capabilities driven by 42 advanced machines for injection in a variety of plastics, with a closing force ranging from 25 to 820 tons. Our factory has a special branch that specializes in manufacturing a level automotive products for OEM customers. These capabilities are further enhanced by the insight and ingenuity of our technical, production and management staff that provide a commitment to excellence – every day.

Turnkey projects with on-time delivery

Thanks to an expert research and development team, which include material engineers, mechanical engineers, designers and technologists, ZDF specializes in delivering full turnkey and customized solution for plastic products. From planning and design to engineering and development through assembly and packaging, our innovative vision, expertise and many years of experience in the field, have yielded an impressive track record and many satisfied clients all over the world. Our accelerated set up process and on-time delivery rate have set us apart as a highly efficient, lean manufacturing production company you can trust for dependability and quality results.

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